Estate Agency Wennekes Makelaardij

Are you looking for a new home or do you want to sell your property?
Or do you need a valuation report?
Your estate agent Sylvia Wennekes is happy to help you.

Professional and Personal service

Sylvia Wennekes works alone, so you always speak to your agent directly.

Personal service is what you get and nothing less. Drs. Sylvia Wennekes (M), in possession of both SVM-diplomas Real estate Agent-Valuer and WOZ, is a certified Valuer, registered in the SCVM-Valuation Register. So you can be certain that your interests are looked after in a professional way. Also, a valuation report from Wennekes Makelaardij will be accepted by your bank.

When selling or buying a house, there is a lot to do, to check, to know. You can feel secure when you leave all these concerns to a specialist, with knowledge of the local estate market, financial consequences and Dutch legislation.

Selling: your agent helps you determine the best price to ask, makes a description with pictures (with a presentation on CD!) to promote your house, puts advertisements for you on the internet and in the papers and organizes the viewing of your house by prospective purchasers. She directs the bidding to make sure you get the best price following a correct procedure. Buying: first of all your agent can search the immense supply for those properties that match your criteria. She is there with you during the viewings, points out practical details and gives an objective opinion on the price asked. She investigates for any restrictions with the land registry and the local authorities to prevent nasty surprises arising. She facilitates the moment of making an offer in a professional manner. Wether selling or buying, all important agreements must be included in the contract you sign. Wennekes Makelaardij takes care of this and passes the information on to the notary. Sylvia Wennekes will be there with you at the moment the ownership is transferred legally and the keys are handed over.

During and after the whole traject, Sylvia Wennekes is happy to answer all your questions and assist you where she can. She can for example pass on your moving details to the public utilities, make phone calls for you or help you to understand Dutch documentation.

Should you need only one or more parts of the services offered, please feel free to call.

Sylvia Wennekes is glad to visit you without any commitments on your side, to talk about your wishes and to explain how she can be of service.

More information: please call (+31) (0)45 - 531 3088
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Office hours: Monday - Friday: 10 a.m. - 6 p.m.